Dietary Information

From our managing partner: "If you are a family member assessing an assisted living community for a parent or relative, take the time to search several assisted living communities. As you make this important search, compare menus. As a owner, I do. Why?  The basic fare of meat, vegetables, soups, etc. get old. Residents should have the choice of a "real menu" that you and I could order at any restaurant of merit."

diet3Our onsite management staff and experienced cooks work diligently with residents in reviewing, assessing, and ratifying menus residents enjoy and look forward to eating; finding foods that are healthy yet tasty is a continuous journey. 

We believe menus must address dietary needs while simultaneously remaining tempting to the palate. The menus developed are a combination good, wholesome foods, providing variety and nutrition, and residents' requests. 

diet2Great Dinning Atmospher and Food!The ownership's goal is to ensure menus offered tempt the taste buds.  It is not a easy task, but is done monthly to ensure the dinning experience is "in-line" with our customer service standards.

If you are a resident or a family member, you can also Contact Us to make a special menu request.

Below is a sample menu, please click on it to view larger.  Current menus are available upon request, so please feel free to  Contact Us for a copy.

Please click here for a downloadable sample menu.

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